Share House Bathroom

Every day that I’m showering in my share house bathroom I wish that I could be showering in my parents’ shower. I’ve told you guys about how incredible it is and I attached pictures of it in my last blog post, so you guys should fully understand why I want to be showering in it instead of in my share house shower.

Why did we think that one bathroom for four girls was going to be enough? For this to be even semi-functional we need serious bathroom renovations. Melbourne homes just shouldn’t come with less than two bathrooms at this point. It’s not functional, especially because the census said that the majority of households consist of multiple people, rather than one person. Where there are multiple people in a house there need to be multiple bathrooms – it’s as simple as that. 

So why am I complaining about the share house bathroom, then? Because it’s disgusting. No one cleans it except for me and the girls take multiple showers per day. That leads to a LOT of soap scum! And apparently, I’m the only person that can see it. I’m not sure how that works.  

I wish I had the money to just commission bespoke bathroom designers to come in and completely redesign our bathroom. I wish I then also had the money to do an extension on the house and add in a brand new bathroom. But alas, I certainly don’t have that type of money and this house is a rental. I couldn’t make changes to it even if I wanted to. At this point, I’m not even allowed to add a hook on the wall of my bedroom to hang up a photo of my family. How sad is that? 

I guess I just need to accept the hand that I’ve been dealt and deal with the fact that I will never have a good bathroom. Unless…