Welcome To Weekend Warrior Events

Ah… the weekend. The only thing better than the actual weekend is going camping on the weekend. With approximately 104 days of the weekend per year – we have 104 opportunities to get outdoors, go exploring and completely remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Weekend Warrior Events was created to make sure every Weekend Warrior gets the most up-to-date information on camping activities in Victoria.

What started out as two avid campers creating lists of all the places they wanted to go and see within the year has transformed into a network of campers pooling their collective knowledge on the great outdoors. With hundreds of destinations on our list, every Weekend Warrior in our network can find somewhere to escape on the weekend.

Top 3 Places To Visit This Weekend

Trying to decide where to head out this weekend? We’re here to help! In fact, that’s exactly what this site is about. 

Every week we update this list and provide a range of locations at varying distances from the Melbourne CBD. This list is carefully curated based on the weather, upcoming events in the area and hiking opportunities.

1. Bright, Victoria

Visit Victoria’s High Country this weekend and use the picturequese town as your springboard for local mountains in the Alpines. Go for bike rides and hikes or stroll near the Bright river with a coffee in hand. Bright is just over a three-hour drive from Melbourne, so if you can leave early on Friday, you should!

2. Sorrento, Victoria

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, Sorrento offers beach-lovers and surfers alike the opportunity to relax, get active and explore. In just under three hours from the Melbourne CBD, you can splash in the water in no time. 

3. Torquay, Victoria

On the other side of the coast, we have Torquay. With a campsite perfectly situated between the surf beach and the main strip, Torquay is a great place to camp in comfort. Under an hour and a half from Melbourne, you can go straight from the office to this great Surf Coast town.

If you visit any of our top 3 locations this weekend, let us know! Alternatively, send us a message letting us know where you went and what you did, so we can add it to our comprehensive Weekend Warriors Event list.