About Us

The Founders

Ellie and Adrian are the faces of Weekend Warrior Events. Having only become passionate about camping in the last two years, this young couple is eager to make up for lost time and travel across Victoria. 

When they bought their first tent two years ago with very little experience on how to camp, what they’d need and where to go, they decided to create a game plan of bucket list of places to camp across Victoria. When they realised how long their list was, they decided to share it with the world. That’s how Weekend Warrior Events was born – and it has grown significantly ever since.

The Community

Weekend Warrior Events is now a collaborative effort from campers across the state. Ranging from relatively-fresh campers like Ellie and Adrian to couples/groups who have been camping for several decades, Weekend Warrior Events is a truly inclusive, collaborative and exciting community to be a part of.

At present, we don’t host any Weekend Warrior Events but we do plan to! However, for now, all you need to do to be a part of our community is either:

    • Submit a new location to our ever-evolving list and tell us why you like it
    • Visit one of our locations and once again, tell us why you like it!

As a large motivator for Ellie and Adrian when they got into camping was to remove themselves from the rigours of city life, there’s no need to sign up to any newsletters or emails to keep up to date. Weekend Warrior Events wants to help everyone declutter their minds and unwind, so all you need to do is check back into this site every Wednesday to find out where to go, check the list and read reviews!

Add to our list

Know of a hidden gem not yet on our extensive camping destination list? Let us know by filling out our contact form today.