No More Road Trips

Road trips are never as fun as they seem to be. Being stuck in a car for five hours at a time with nowhere to get more water or go to the bathroom is exhausting and not something that I actually enjoy doing. I mean, why would I sit in a car for twelve hours to drive not even halfway across the country when I could fly in half the time?

I should have stuck to my morals and not said yes to road tripping with my friends over the summer. I caved and said yes when my friend said she got general servicing at the best mechanic in Raceview. I understand what a car service from that mechanic means and I knew that the safety of the car would be absolutely top-notch. I value my safety a lot and so I said yes in a moment of weakness. I should have also thought about the hours I’d have to spend cramped in a car pumping out recycled air and singing songs that I don’t like. I’ve already mentioned the lack of toilet stops and water, which probably deserves to be mentioned again because it’s so annoying.

Despite the road trip being the bane of my existence, I do have to give credit where credit is due. The annual car maintenance undertaken by the Raceview mechanic was second to none. The car went up so many mountains with tight turns and windy roads with complete ease. Not once did I feel unsafe during the drive and I definitely owe that to the good work of the mechanic. Other than the great condition of the car though, the drive was torturous. 

If any of my friends think I’m getting up at 4:00 am ever again to drive twelve hours away then they are kidding themselves. It’s just not going to happen – whether they like it or not.