New Conveyancing Residence

They took Maphira away in a truck, as they had most nights before. She wasn’t bound, but she’d tried escaping this situation many times before with no luck whatsoever. The trucks used were the best – there was absolutely no breaking out of them.

She was only in the moving darkness for about fifteen minutes, so they still had to be somewhere relatively close to Brighton. Although Maphira was pretty sure she could have escaped between the truck and the new building they’d hold her in, she had become committed to the idea of seeing this through. The Conclave was planning something huge, and she intended to find out what it was, even if she’d be risking her life to do it.

Light flooded into the truck as the door opened, revealing a new conveyancing firm with a flashy sign out the front that read Carlton’s Best Conveyancing Solicitors.

Maphira wondered how long she’d be in this particular building. With only two days to go until Project Bender’s first test, was it worth them moving her again? Why were they even moving her at all?

She supposed it was probably in case the Resistance started looking for her. By keeping Maphira on the move, they wouldn’t be able to track her down and save her. For that, she was actually kind of grateful. After all, if she wasn’t at this conveyancing firm close to Carlton, she wouldn’t be able to get information about this test the Conclave of Mechanists was about to conduct.

No better place to watch a storm than right in the centre.

Maphira jumped out of the truck and followed the Mechanist grunts inside, where they led her to a room larger than most she’d been in. Perhaps she’d get to live like a queen for her last few days, in this luxurious conveyancing firm.

Well, Maphira thought sarcastically, better make the most of it.

Project Bender would have its first test in less than 48 hours.