Car Review Expert

I’m on the train again because my car is still in for a service. My car has been at the mechanic for over a week now, because it’s in such a bad state. The mechanic said there was nothing I could have done to minimise the chance of this major mechanical fault happening to my car. He said some people just have bad luck and unfortunately I am one of those people.

It’s funny being a car blogger and not even having a car. I spent all of last week wishing I could’ve just put my car in for a brake repair rather than a full car revamp or whatever the mechanic is doing, BUT, things are looking up. In fact, if things go well in the meeting I’m on my way to, I might not even have to pick up my car from the mechanic. Why is that? Because a large car brand saw my blog post from last week calling for sponsor opportunities and I might have landed one! Apparently, they really like what I write about cars and really appreciate all the insight I give their customers. They’d be happy to pay me for my efforts… I just have to nail this interview.

I wish I could turn up to the interview in a really fancy car rather than walking from the train station, however, that’s not the case. Even if the mechanic doing my car maintenance in the Melbourne CBD was able to fix my car in time, it probably would’ve been too embarrassing to drive anyway. I can’t turn up to a massive sponsorship meeting in a car that can barely get from A to B. It would look pretty unprofessional.

I really hope I get this sponsorship deal! I would seriously be so happy. It would be so good to get paid to be a blogger and even get to try out the vehicles myself before I review them.