Personal Window Manager

I am a personal assistant, which means I basically have no regular job tasks and am forced to complete anything my boss asks me to, no matter how random it is. For the entire time I have held this role, most of my daily tasks have been related to finance and all that typical administration stuff that is required for running a business. Recently, my boss has decided to throw me a bit of a curveball. Last month, we attended this big business conference together, filled with the biggest names from around Australia and all these smaller companies trying to sell them products. There was a lot of pretentiousness in one room. However, at one point we watched a sales pitch, led by a renowned commercial window tinting firm operating in Melbourne. They apparently have hundreds of clients that are happy with their successful work. So, my boss decided to hire them.

I was put in charge of managing the job. I had to contact the firm, arrange a time for them to come to our offices, and then watch them as they installed the glass to ensure it was completed to a high standard. I knew absolutely nothing about glass installation, so it was unlikely that I could have been of any real help. However, my boss insisted. Our offices contain some of Melbourne’s leading architecture, and she didn’t want us to mess it up. I ultimately didn’t have to worry. The firm completed the installation quickly, and even offered a frosted window upgrade free of charge. They were so fast at tinting our business windows that I barely had time to greet them at our office reception before they left. I was amazed by how friendly and professional they were. And they were affordable, too! I might have to call them back and ask them if they also offer car tinting services, as I will definitely use those. I don’t think they do, though.