The Licenced Driver

I just turned eighteen, and I only just got my licence. I took the test pretty much as soon as I was able to, because I’m really excited to have more freedom. I’ve had a job for a while now, which means that I’ve been able to save up enough money to buy my own car. It’s only a second-hand car and it isn’t in the best condition, but it’s still mine and I’m still proud of it and how much effort I put into getting it.

Since getting my licence, I’ve been driving around my local area just to get used to driving by myself. Previously, I’ve always had an instructor, so it’s definitely a little bit different.

This morning I even stopped in front of a mechanic servicing the Underwood area, which was near a main road. This particular mechanic store was a huge building made of bricks and metal, and it looked a little bit like an oversized garage. It was filled with dozens of cars, and had a lot of different employees running around it, inspecting different car parts and repairing those that needed to be fixed. I figured I would take my car for its scheduled logbook service today, since I know how important it is to complete these types of services in a timely manner. In particular, the mechanic told me I would probably need a car suspension repair service for my vehicle, which was quite a fast and affordable service.

This mechanic store was so transparent with their pricing that I was instantly glad I had chosen them. True to their word, my car’s suspension was fixed very quickly. They also checked all the regular things included in a logbook service, such as tyres, transmission fluid, windscreen wipers, lights etc. I was very pleased with their level of service and definitely recommend this store to anybody who is looking for a qualified mechanic.