Running Late For Work

I was rushing to get to work the other day and I did some real damage to my car. I only had ten minutes to get to work and I was about a thirty-minute drive away, so there was obviously no hope of me getting there on time. That’s because I decided to do my skincare routine instead of actually leaving the house on time. Yes, I know that I should have gotten up earlier this morning but I slept so poorly and bed just felt so good. We all make mistakes, I guess.

Anyway, I was low-key speeding to try and make up a little bit of time when I had to slam my brakes on really hard. I didn’t realise that the cars in front of me were stopping until the last ten seconds, and if I hadn’t slammed my brakes on then I would have rear-ended the car in front of me. It needed to be done but I think I really damaged my brakes in the process. I’m going to have to book myself into a car brake service local to Milperra today so that I know I can drive home safely.

I’m already in trouble with my boss for being over twenty minutes late to work (and I’ve been behind on my work all day as a result) and now I’m going to have to leave early to get my brakes checked out. It’s definitely not a good look and I do regret not being more organised earlier this morning. But that’s life I guess. We all make mistakes and I made one and now yes, I’m paying the price for it. Hopefully, the Milperra mechanic will be able to fix my brakes quickly, because I would hate to have to get public transport and be late to work again tomorrow.

There’s not much I can do about being behind on my work other than slowly but surely clawing my way back. I have deadlines that I need to hit.