Expansive Kitchen Design

We just moved into our new share house! After the terrible experience we had with our last landlord, we’re really happy to be in a new house. This new house is great. It has three bathrooms (one ensuite, one upstairs and one downstairs) which is just fantastic! That’s three bathrooms between four people, which is better than we ever imagined. It is quite annoying that we now have so many bathrooms to clean, seeing as I told the girls point blank that I wouldn’t be responsible for cleaning every bathroom. They weren’t very happy about it but I reminded them that it was a much better alternative than having to deal with our old landlord for another year.

This house is also just significantly nicer in general. They’ve clearly had recent kitchen renovations. In Melbourne, having a fancy kitchen is a real selling point and they’ve hit the mark in this case. Our kitchen is so fancy that the fridge is like hidden in the cupboard so it looks like the whole kitchen is just cabinetry. How cool is that?

I really love our new house. It’s modern, big and well maintained. It looks a lot better than our old one and I’m actually really proud to call it my home. I used to find that our old house didn’t really feel like home and it wasn’t somewhere that I felt comfortable bringing my friends and family together. But with our incredible kitchen design, I’m now very happy to have people over for a cup of tea and bite to eat. It’s funny how the environment you’re in can really change your perception of things.

I’m looking forward to decorating our house and making it a home. I’m allowed to hang up as many picture frames here as I want, which is really exciting. I’ll let you all know what our new house is like in a couple of weeks.