My Dance Event

You’ll never guess what kind of event I’m hosting in January. It’s an exclusive, invite-only showcase of Australia’s best dancing and artistry talent. Each performance is centred around the theme of the ocean, and I feel like all the entrants are going to be incredible. Think people dressed up as colourful jellyfish, dancing a soft ballet dance while streamers float out around them. I can picture it now: complete and utter magic.

There are a lot of surprises for the esteemed guests too. I’ve hired an event expert to assist me with designing the venue. Right now, we’re discussing the different types of ocean wallpaper that are available in the Australian market. We’re not sure if we’re going to have to start looking overseas if we can’t find exactly what we’d hoped for here. Basically, the wallpaper needs to cover a pretty large area, as the venue has high ceilings and more than enough room to fit several thousand people inside. Imagine a ballroom, just multiplied by, like, ten. Or maybe even more.

The wallpaper also has to be prepasted and removable, since obviously we do not own the ballroom and cannot do any damage to the paint on the walls, and in an attempt to cut costs I’m going to be sticking up the wallpaper all by myself. With the help of my event expert. And a ladder. I’m certainly not tall enough to reach the top of the ceilings otherwise.

I’ve come across this brilliant prepasted locally-designed dance wallpaper throughout my wallpaper research, and I literally cannot stop thinking about it. It’s so vibrant and beautiful, featuring dancers in motion. If we didn’t have such a rigid ocean theme, I would have purchased the dancing wallpaper immediately. I did manage to pick up some smaller decals with the same kind of vibe, and I’m going to stick them in the bathrooms as a fun little surprise for our guests.