Lost and Alive

‘So if we’re here…’ I traced my finger down the map as Julie craned her neck to see passing road signs, shouting them out to me. ‘Then that means the next turnoff should be…’

         I slammed my finger down on the page triumphantly. ‘Whittle’s Creek!’

         ‘Nice work honey,’ Julie grinned at me. The car flew along the freeway, the turnoff approaching. We both leant forward to read the sign.


         ‘Or we’re completely lost,’ I sighed, slamming the map shut.

         ‘Hey, it’s an adventure,’ Julie beamed, trying to cheer me up. ‘Who knows where we’ll end up! I love that!’

         A reluctant smile tugged at my face. ‘I guess you’re right.’

         ‘Of course, I’m right!’ she laughed. ‘Besides, what else could actually go wro–’

         The engine cut her off with an enormous bang and we both squealed. She grabbed the wheel and wrestled the car back under control, gliding it safely to the emergency lane.

         ‘Are you alright?’ she asked me, wide-eyed, cutting me off as I tried to ask the same thing. We both nodded that we were okay, and leant back in our seats.

         ‘Well, looks like we’ll be finding a mechanic operating in Ringwood,’ she laughed.

         ‘Just find me a Ringwood burial plot too,’ I groaned, putting my head in my hands.

         ‘It’s just a little bump in the road–’

         ‘Oh, Jules,’ I sighed, ‘this whole trip has been a disaster.’

         ‘I’ve had a lovely time!’ she protested.

         ‘We don’t even know what state we’re in!’

         ‘Why do we need to?’ she asked with a smile.

         ‘Well, for starters, we need to know if this is a Ringwood mechanic that does RACV Inspections.’

         She rolled her eyes and laughed. I chuckled with her for a second, then squeezed her hand. She squeezed it back.

         ‘Well,’ I started, stretching my shoulders. ‘Feel like coming for a walk?’

         ‘I’d love to,’ she smiled.