Giving Special Attention

Hi, my name is Georgia, and I am the CEO of Melbourne’s leading law firm. I was asked to be a guest writer for this website this week, so I’ve decided to take you through one of my daily schedules. It takes a lot of skill and perseverance to become as successful as I am, so I’m glad my work is finally being recognised. I hope you enjoy this post, and remember to connect with me for potential opportunities or any questions you have!

On Friday morning, my office hosted one of the most established office tinting companies Melbourne currently has. They arrived right on time, laden with toolboxes and equipment to help them do their job correctly. In most other companies, these tradesmen would be greeted by a lowly office assistant, however, I take a more hands-on approach to my business. I feel that mingling with the lower members of my team is a great way to earn their trust and respect. So, I left my plush private office and greeted the men from the office glass tinting company. We employed them specifically to tint every single one of our windows. Our office building is a standalone building on the outskirts of the CBD, and we own it all, so it’s up to us to maintain it. I’ve heard several other companies in our area talk about the benefits of tinting windows, so I decided to look into it. It turns out there are a lot of amazing benefits such as reducing heat in summer, that I believe could be particularly useful for my office. 

Anyway, I gave the workers some tea, which I had made myself. I never do things like make tea anymore, as it is usually left for my assistant, but I wanted to make a good impression. I am hoping that these workers will be chuffed by the special attention they are receiving, and give us some discounts moving forward. If nothing else, it helps to establish a business relationship with other successful companies.