Glass Factory Conquered

By the time Rylee reached the other end of the glass manufacturing room, there was enough scattered glass along the production line that you could swim through it. You’d end up with hundreds of cuts and then probably bleed out, but you could technically do it.

It reminded her of the time she’d helped Mai move, many years earlier. Her older sister had bought a beautiful tabletop of frosted glass. They’d grabbed the glass from the truck and began carrying it to her new apartment. Maphira had slipped a little, so they had gently put the tabletop down. What happened next was something Rylee would never forget.

The glass tabletop had shattered into thousands of pieces right before their eyes. They hadn’t dropped it with any sort of force. No, the corner had simply touched the ground and the whole thing had exploded. She supposed that the glass had become unstable in the truck, and once some of the particles got shifted again, the whole thing had collapsed. It had been so broken that even a business offering commercial glazing wouldn’t have been able to fix it.

Rylee had never thought she’d see that much shattered glass again. And yet, this was so much more.

Thankfully, the turrets had stopped firing once she’d crossed the factory’s main room. However, the sirens and red lights continued to give her the world’s mightiest headache. Rylee had nothing on her to get rid of the pain, so perhaps she’d be best off looking for some water. 

To get out of the production room, Rylee climbed one last glass balustrade. Near Melbourne, people were bound to be pretty annoyed about the delay to glass production they were about to face, Rylee supposed, landing on the steel walkway.

Many challenges likely lay ahead, if she wanted to find the owner of this glass and steel production business. But first, she had to take a little detour to get a drink.