Getting Free Stuff

It’s kind of crazy how many free things you can get when you ask for it. Or how many people are happy to help when you need it. It’s a nice aspect of humanity, I guess. I always try to repay those favours as a token of appreciation. One time, my neighbours volunteered to feed my fish while I was away on holiday, but they also cleaned my entire kitchen and left me food for when I came back. That was super nice of them. I volunteered to walk their dog each morning as a way to thank them.

I also received advice on the benefits of a kid’s eye test from my local optometrist after I booked my own appointment there. I’m a pretty loyal customer, and it’s nice to have that loyalty appreciated with important advice. The information about eye tests is for my twin children, who are both school age now and probably should have their eyes tested, since they haven’t had a test since they were toddlers. It’s a typical test, conducted at an optometrist’s clinic with one of those charts that has the letters and pictures on it. Adults use letters, but the pictures are mostly for children.

Our particular optometrist is an expert at performing eye tests. Located in Bentleigh, and born and raised here, so she always tries to give back to those in the area. I want to give back to her in gratitude and appreciation for her advice on eye tests by continuing to use her services. It’s no problem for me, since she is truly very talented and thorough.

I’m wondering if I can start getting products for free, or at least at a heavy discount. Maybe I can become best friends with my local bakery and get free bread every day. That would be super useful since my family goes through a lot of bread. I’ll even settle for the scraps they don’t use at the end of the day.