The Steel Square

For about ten minutes now I have wanted to own a very specific object. Now, this object is not particularly expensive, nor is it hard to get, however, I have never thought about owning this object before. That is because until my friend showed me his circular steel beam, I have never wanted to own a steel beam myself.

However, now I’m about to run to the shops and find the best steel beams Melbourne has to offer so that they can fashion me a similar one. The main difference? I want mine to be a square, not a circle. I think it will be a great decoration for my bedroom. I know exactly where to put it. I’ll lean it against the wall in my bedroom, right next to my desk. It’ll be perfect for hanging things like clothes, or maybe even pictures or ribbons from.

I am a little bit concerned that my friend thinks I’m copying him, and I guess in some ways I am. However, I think the best word to use is ‘inspired’. His steel beam inspired me to want to get my own, and if anything it’s a sign of his brilliance that he was able to inspire someone else to do something. I just hope he takes it that way and not in a bad way, since if he thinks I’m copying him I’ll never hear the end of it.

I’m even going to the same Melbourne structural steel fabrication store that he went to. I’m not sure what the staff members are going to think about that. They’re very friendly and professional, but most of their projects are for residential steel rather than for hobbyists like my friend and myself. Ultimately, since they are experts in their field, they’re going to be able to craft the best square steel beam I could ever ask for. I know I’ve only wanted one for ten minutes, but I’m truly so excited about getting one!