The Arts Centre

Early next year I’m going to be opening an exclusive space for the arts. It took a lot of funding to make this all happen, so it’s still a little bit difficult for me to believe it’s actually getting off the ground. The building I purchased will be split into several floors, or sections, where a different type of art can flourish in each area. For example, on the second floor there is a large stage and dance studio rooms, then on the third floor there are art galleries and art rooms filled with everything from pottery studios to painting and drawing spaces. The designs of each level are fitted accordingly.

I’ve purchased several hundred metres of stunning dance wallpaper from a local seller to stick up around the dance levels. I’m hoping that it will give the dancers inspiration, and that they can look to the walls to find not just mirrors, but also a new perspective. At the very top of the tower I have purchased to make this dream of mine a reality, I’ve decided to put a few dozen hotel rooms. The space won’t function as a hotel in and of itself, however, I want there to be a place for people to stay in luxury should the need require. For this reason, I have also purchased some Australian botanical wallpaper, yet again from a different, yet still handmade and local seller. I think it’s important to support local artists. I am a big advocate of this, obviously, otherwise why would I have spent millions of dollars creating this new arts precinct in the first place?

Anyway, each hotel room will have the basics you’d expect in any hotel, with a little twist being that the rooms are directly connected to all of this magnificence. Maybe some of the talent can stay there permanently if they need to, but I’m hoping it will be more of a rotating space.