Summer Beach Heat

Now that it’s summer, I’m spending a lot of time at the beach. We live in the city, so my friends and I usually pack our gear into one of our cars and make a whole day out of the trip to the beach. We’ll usually leave in the early hours of the morning, stopping off at a cute cafe along the way to grab some breakfast or brunch. Then, we’ll drive to whichever beach has taken our fancy on that particular day. We like to switch it up for the sake of variety, roaming around to both Melbourne’s most popular beaches and best-kept secrets.

Sometimes, it can be a problem not knowing where we are heading off to until we actually leave. For example, one day my friend was driving when we noticed her vehicle needed a car air con regas. Not a single one of my friends knows anything about cars, so when the air conditioner stopped working, we were very confused. It was a hot day, and we were already sweltering beneath our piles of beach towels and spare clothes. That would have been bad enough, if it weren’t for the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely no clue where we were, and no knowledge of where the nearest mechanic would be.

After a few minutes of arguing, we decided to use our phones to find the best car mechanic Moorabbin had to offer. According to the directions given to us by the app, we happened to be in the suburb of Moorabbin at the time, so it seemed like the most logical option for us. We rolled down all our windows and tried to construct makeshift fans with folded pieces of paper, but the heat was pervasive. It ended up being about a five minute drive to the mechanic store, and we luckily all made it there without fainting from the heat!