Elbows And Biceps

I am doing a research project on the types of surgeries performed in Melbourne. As I hope to become a leading surgeon one day, I need to put in a big effort in all my research projects. My university has a theoretical and practical component to it and to graduate with top marks, I need to get at least an average of ninety per cent in both components across the several years of study that I have to complete. To say I haven’t had much of a social life is an understatement.

The first topic in my research project is the elbow arthroplasty. An elbow arthroplasty involves replacing the surfaces of the elbow joint with an implant and it can be performed as a total procedure or a single side procedure. If every surface of the joint is replaced, this is called a total elbow arthroplasty. In contrast, when a patient only requires a replacement of one side of the elbow, this is known as a hemiarthroplasty.

Getting the terminology right is vital if I want to do well in my research project, which is why I’m taking this time to explain what it all is in my own words. When you’re able to effectively explain a topic to others, it is a clear indication that you understand the topic itself. That is what I’m doing here.

The next topic in my research project is the distal biceps tendon repair. Performed in Melbourne, this type of surgery helps to repair a patient’s torn distal biceps. This is achieved by performing a small cut just below the elbow, identifying the torn tendon and attaching it back to the appropriate spot on the radius bone. This type of repair surgery is best suited to recent and minor torn tendons. If a patient has severely torn their tendon or it has been torn for a longer period of time, they may require a tendon reconstruction instead.