Checking The NBN

I am the owner of an office building in Melbourne. I bought the building for my business as I didn’t want to pay rent to someone else when I could be just paying off my own mortgage. I am obsessed with making money and will do everything I can to make as much as I can.

Many people would assume that means skimping out on expenses and choosing the cheapest products and services possible. That is not the case. Often I opt for the most expensive products and services for my business, because it benefits myself in the long run. As my dad always said “you spend rubbish, you get rubbish.” That’s a motto to live by.

My employees also really appreciate that I pay a decent amount of money for the highest quality products because it makes their lives easier when they’re working. For example, I spared no expense on the data cable installation within my office building a few weeks ago. That was the best thing I could do for office productivity. I want everything to be smooth running and seamless. If I had spent only a small amount of money on the data cable technician then I may have not gotten good quality products. You have to “spend money to make money,” which is exactly what my dad also used to say. My dad said a lot of intelligent things and he’s part of the reason I’m such a successful businessman. 

The next investment I’m going to make is getting the NBN installation contractors servicing Melbourne businesses to come and assess the quality of the last NBN installation in this building. The person who owned the building before me didn’t share the same values of investing in important infrastructure, products and services. I need to rectify the mistakes of the old owner so that my business can thrive in the future. I am in the business of making money, after all.